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Below is a 10 page preview of the 188 book. Find out the artists featured in the book here.

The book covers the best moments in music in Australia between 1st November 2013 and 31st October 2014, captured by ten photographers.

If you have one of the first copies of the book, please note that photos on pages 23 (Melvins) 117 (Gary Numan)
and 150 (The Beards) are all by Kerrie Geier and not as listed.

Tonight Alive on page 15 was photographed at VANS Warped Tour. Remi (116) was shot by Lauren Connelly. The Used (122) was shot at 170 Russell on the 25th August 2014 by Carl Dzunkia.

Future copies of the book will contain these corrections.

Australia's Year in Music: 2014 Edition by Heath Media | Make Your Own Book

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